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Unique "Scent-sational" Valentine Gift

Unique "Scent-sational" Valentine Gift

French-trained Master perfumer blends natural essences for a one-of-a-kind personal fragrance for your Valentine.

Fairfax, VA (PRWEB) February 13, 2004

Dr. Mireille Nedelec, Research Director of the Aromatherapy Center of Fairfax and a native of France--the capitol of perfumery and aromatherapy--will formulate a unique scent for your special loved one. Dr. Nedelec's fragrances can be formulated for men, women, and even for couples!

To begin the process, Dr. Nedelec collects basic information about the recipient to determine the purpose of the perfume and, when possible, the recipient's personal likes and dislikes about scent families. For example, if a person needs to have more confidence to interact in matters of romance, Dr. Nedelec knows exactly which essences to select. “Her trained "nose" allows her to formulate exquisite, totally natural customized fragrances that are perfect for each individual or couple,” according to Clydette Clayton, Director of the Aromatherapy Center. “What's more, using her specific knowledge of plant essences, she can prepare a fragrance to help the recipient overcome fears, anger, frigidity, and even physical weaknesses!”

Dr. Nedelec uses only the finest natural essences blended in a bath of high-quality jojoba oil so that the perfume penetrates the skin easily and at the same time nourishes it. Her formulations use no synthetic products of any kind -- only essences from flowers that have been grown organically or are Ecocert approved. For example, her incredible rose and orange essences are derived from blossoms distilled by steam, not by chemical processes that are harmful to the body.

Developing customized scents for individuals takes time, but the results are exquisite. For $109.95, you will receive a 30-ml [1-oz] bottle of a unique perfume made specifically for your loved one, including air express shipping to your door.

Although Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion for introducing your loved one to his or her customized perfume, Dr. Nedelec also makes individualized perfumes for other special occasions and for everyday use. Could there be a more perfect wedding gift than a unique scent crafted specifically to help a bridal couple reach the fullest potential of their relationship?

Dr. Nedelec's individual perfumes come to you with this promise for the future: the recipient will make positive life changes under the influence of powerful plant essences. Once prepared, Dr. Nedelec will keep a record of your signature scent-formula. She can then adjust it accordingly to grow with you when you tell her you are ready!

The Aromatherapy Center, founded in 1986, has offices in Fairfax, VA, and Paris, France. It offers individual treatments, conducts workshops and aromatherapy certification training, and consults with corporations for stress relief and employee wellness. The Center has also developed the line, Perfect-Health Scents™, with over 100 fine aromatherapy products to fragrantly aid in relieving many common health problems such as joint pain and sinusitis.


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