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Americans Are Fat, Frustrated, Fed Up And Finished With Fad Diets

Americans Are Fat, Frustrated, Fed Up And Finished With Fad Diets

So What’s The Next Big Thing In Weight Loss For 2006? New Jersey Trainer And Fat Loss Expert Says He Has The Answer

Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) January 19, 2006

Atkins is gone... Bankrupt. Popular fat burner pills have been yanked off the market by the FDA. The FTC has pulled down the gates and padlocked the doors of one company after another for making false claims about their diet products. We’ve cycled through an entire decade of low fat diets followed by another decade of low carb diets.

It’s now 2006 and millions of men and women desperate to lose weight have suffered through it all and tried it all. Sadly, for 95% of them, everything has failed and obesity rates have exploded to an all time high. Americans are the fattest people on earth and they are frustrated and fed up.

So what now? Will a new diet or weight loss trend step into the spotlight in 2006? Respected fat loss expert Tom Venuto, author of the Internet’s best selling e-book, “Burn The fat, Feed The Muscle,” says he has some answers, and a prediction...

“Fad diets and weight loss gimmicks will never go away completely. As long as human nature stays the same, the demand for quick fix gimmicks will continue and dishonest companies will always be there to provide the supply. I have no doubt someone will announce ‘the next big thing’ in 2006 and it will turn out to be another passing fad like the rest of them.”

The good news, says Venuto, is that he believes that a fundamental change has taken place over the past few years because so many fads have come and gone. Big names in the diet industry have gone bust or been forced off the market. The CDC has officially called obesity an “epidemic,” and diets have utterly failed us. As a result, people are fed up with fads and finally ready to face up to the truth.

What is the truth? “Most people want to hear, ‘take a pill, go to bed, wake up skinny.’ “The truth,” says Venuto, “is closer to: ‘learn nutrition, burn the fat with exercise instead of starving the fat with diets, work hard, be patient, and lose weight slowly.’”

So far, with a little help from technology, Venuto’s Internet-based fat burning program (which promotes no pills or supplements), has helped tens of thousands of people in 126 countries who were finally ready for this hard work ethic, common sense approach to achieving a healthy weight. He predicts there will be significant improvement in the obesity crisis before the end of the decade and vows to have something to do with it! Learn more at: http://www. burnthefat. com (http://www. burnthefat. com).

For interviews about New Years resolutions, or weight loss, diet and fitness trends for 2006 and beyond, Tom Venuto is available at: www. burnthefat. com, (201) 653-7914.