Monday, July 5, 2010

NOXO Memory Boost Balm Now Available

NOXO Memory Boost Balm Now Available

NOXO Memory Boost Balm provides an intense trigger for distinct and correlated past memories when topically applied under the nostrils, or is inhaled from our new NOXO Olfactory Nasal Inhaler

Wynnewood, PA (PRWEB) March 10, 2010

Adoodle, Inc, (OTC Pink Sheets: ADDE) announced today that NOXO Memory Boost (http://www. memoryboostnoxo. com/) Balm is now available at a price $ 10.95 for 20 doses, Dr. Ruth Pinney, director and inventor noted that " We have an all natural product that really works and provides an intense trigger for distinct and correlated past memories when topically applied under the nostrils, or is inhaled from our new NOXO Olfactory Nasal Inhaler".

The new NOXO Memory Boost balm, when applied topically, under the nostrils, delivers scent molecules into the brain's olfactory nerves. These tiny hair-like nerves that capture the scent of NOXO ingredient molecules, transport their "messages" directly to the brain's limbic system which serves as a memory storage area and the result is a substantial memory improvement (http://www. memoryboostnoxo. com/memory_improvement. htm) almost immediately.

NOXO Memory Boost balm utilizes the new science of Olfaction to detoxify and oxygenate the body. Research has been found that this process can help stimulate the olfactory receptors and therefore enhance one’s ability to perceive and improve memory recall (http://www. memoryboostnoxo. com/memory. htm).

NOXO Memory Boost balm, a proprietary product formulation of unique all natural ingredients, which are soy-based, is absorbed into the skin and is not visible after application. Products are based on olfactory perception altering technology, the NOXO line of products is focused on modifying behavior, via the olfactory senses.

About Adoodle

Adoodle’s NOXO division is focused on developing a variety of products that can modify behaviors such as appetite, stress, anxiety, mood, memory and sugar cravings. The company's first of eleven products to reach commercialization was NOXO’s Odor inhibitor, which has the ability to alter the brain’s ability to smell horrific odors. The odor is still there and it's not masked. The brain does not however, register its normal reaction to it. The uniquely formulated NOXO Odor Inhibitor is based on the advanced olfactory perception altering technology of all these new NOXO products.

For dealers and inquiries, please consider NOXO’s products to feature as part of your retail store, catalogue or service. Our headquarters are located in Pennsylvania where a seasoned team of business professionals develop winning strategies for products in the health and wellness industry. We are the exclusive manufacturer and/or wholesale distributor for these unique and effective products for modifying behavior. If you have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to call (484) 278-1626 or complete our online inquiry form at: www. noxoinfo. com/dealer (http://www. noxoinfo. com/dealer)

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