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Ever Wondered If Your Child Will Use Drugs?

Ever Wondered If Your Child Will Use Drugs?

(PRWEB) September 19, 2002

Ever Wondered If Your Child Will Use Drugs?

By Crystal Elliott

This reference book is the most current guide on child and teen drug abuse. It provides parents with the most effective means to prepare their child for the inevitable exposure to drugs during adolescent years. It arms parents with the facts, the lies, the tricks of the drug trade, using simple laypersonÂ’s terms. This book is a complete manual that provides sources of professional help, and lists drugs, their effects, the dangers, why children use them, how they use them, what they call them and what each illegal substance looks like.

Yes, there are photographs of each one of these killer drugs, from pot to the most potent ones.

This book also shares good parenting skills, by teaching healthy, necessary "habits" parents need to apply to help prevent their child developing the psychological profile required to say, “YES” to drugs in the first place.

Crystal Elliott, noted speaker and expert on adolescent drug use and abuse, is the survivor of a 14-year habit that began long after she was abused as a child. Later, she suffered an ankle injury which ultimately ended her intense training to one day be a prima ballerina. Elliott knows first hand what is involved in the tragedy of being a teenager involved in drugs, then having that involvement develop into a devastating addiction, and finally tackling the healing process. Today, she is a renewed woman and mother of three beautiful children. Now fully recovered, she shares her wealth of knowledge and in-depth research with every parent, so they can be better equipped to prevent their children from taking dangerous risks and walking down the paths she trod. Her insights are for the whole family.



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