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ForeverGreen Launches New Category Creator

ForeverGreen Launches New Category Creator

Scientists at NASA theorize that some 3 1/2 billion years ago, the world was changed forever. The appearance of tiny organisms with the ability to convert sunlight, warmth, water and minerals into protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids marked the beginning of life. Phytoplankton, the single-cell plants are the basis of all other life forms on planet earth;, they are the 'vegetation' of the ocean. Marine Phytoplankton are responsible for making up to 90% of Earth's oxygen. Marine phytoplankton are the food utilized by some of the world's largest and longest living animals and fish. Blue Whales, humpbacks, baleen whales and more all eat plankton and live between 80-150 years while maintaining great strength and endurance and are sexually active until they die.

Bothell, WA (PRWEB) October 25, 2005

Tom Harper, a sea farmer in northern British Columbia, has created a 30 million dollar facility on the edge of the northern Pacific Ocean to grow marine phytoplankton year round to feed his shellfish. His process recreates the "Spring Bloom" of marine phytoplankton 365 days a year. The sea farm gives back in a very unique way. First, it provides a resource for the researchers onsite and second, it puts a daily supply of marine phytoplankton back in the ocean.

"The reef beneath their farm is rebuilding due to the extra Marine Phytoplankton…Sea Otters and Bald Eagles have moved back into the area due to the abundance of new fish and sea life that have returned." Says Tiffany Haarsma, also of the sea farm. "Not to mention the extra oxygen created by the plankton every day in the 8 - 1 million liter growing tanks." When he developed a serious health challenge whereby doctors gave him only months to live, Tom Harper decided to start eating his phytoplankton. He thought "if it is good for my fish, why not me?" Harper attributes his recovery to eating phytoplankton. Phytoplankton provides nutrition for human cells.

Dr. Jerry Tennant, M. D., from Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine, says "There are few products that provide all, or even most Sea Farm Finds Sustainable Balance in Marine Phytoplankton essential amino acids, more Omega 3's than fish oil, Vitamin A, Selenium, Iodine and others. It may be no coincidence that the composition of human plasma is similar to sea water. With our over-reliance on land based food sources, we have developed deficiencies in micronutrients and trace elements.

Jacque Cousteau stated "The future of nutrition is found in the ocean." Part of the proceeds from the sale of a supplement rich in phytoplankton nutrients, FrequenSea with Phytoplankton, support further marine research projects that have a focus on preserving the oceans resources. For more information see the web site http://www. planktonhealth. com (http://www. planktonhealth. com) for the documentary short called "Another Day" that tells the story of Tom Harper, the sea farmer who discovered how to make phytoplankton available for human consumption or call Aaron McCaughan 425-486-5327.

Earth's Original Food Source

Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, also explains how elements and electrolytes in marine phytoplankton are almost tailor-made for the human body. Our internal bodies reflect that we came from the sea. Our bodies need the elements present in marine phytoplankton to perform as nature intended. The human body has a marvelous system called homeostasis, which keeps all systems in balance. When the body is in balance it will heal itself. Tiffany Haarsma also agrees and stresses that there is a great responsibility in taking marine phytoplankton to the market. People must understand that this is simply a very super rich nutrient whole food source for human body.

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