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ITC Launches New E-Learning Portal for Industrial Skills Training

ITC Launches New E-Learning Portal for Industrial Skills Training

Affordable Maintenance Training Offered Online 24x7

McLean, VA (PRWEB) January 6, 2005

ITC Learning (“ITC”) announced today the availability of a second e-learning portal, www. iknowindustrialskills. com, for its widely acclaimed iKNOW on-line industrial skills courseware. For the first time, individuals and smaller organizations now have affordable access to state of the art maintenance training. Access to the course in the portal will be pay-per-view with no advance purchase requirements.

The proprietary iKNOW on-line model is ITCÂ’s answer to the growing demands of manufacturing and process industries that must increase the skills of their workforce in order to stay competitive while controlling costs. iKNOW courses are both AICC and SCORM compliant, and are accessible 24x7.

Larger corporations and community colleges will continue to access all electrical and mechanical maintenance training courses through www. iknowitc. com.

Both portals also allow corporate and community college customers a wide array of additional courseware including “Microsoft Office”, “Computer Security” and one of the largest regulatory compliance libraries in the country. More than 300 individual e-learning courses are currently accessible. A catalog of iKNOW courseware is available for downloading at www. itclearning. com.

With the new portal, iKNOW on-line content can now be delivered four ways: pay-per-view at www. iknowindustrialskills. com; pay-in-advance at www. iknowitc. com; through a hosted custom portal; and licensed installation for corporate intranets.

ITC develops and markets workplace learning for business, education and government and is headquartered in McLean, Virginia. More than one million individuals, from more than 6,000 organizations, use ITC's CD-ROM, video, DVD and e-learning courseware. For nearly three decades, ITC has been recognized for its excellence in its proprietary instructional design models, quality, reliability and support. ITC continues to offer the largest libraries of interactive multimedia programs available today, with over 2,500 hours of training in Mechanical Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, Instrumentation, “Microsoft Office”, Personal Computer Skills, Environmental, Health and Safety, Office Security and Basic Skills.

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ITC Learning


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