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For Dummies Announces Comprehensive Offering of Personal Tech Solutions for Consumers

For Dummies Announces Comprehensive Offering of Personal Tech Solutions for Consumers

The services include live tech support, data backup solutions and training

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 6, 2011

Today, 4D Global Partners, in partnership with John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and CSS Corporation, announced a global strategy to build For Dummies® into an industry-leading, comprehensive solution to address all questions and tech support service needs of technology users today. The long-term strategy will allow customers to have all of their technology questions answered through traditional, online and interactive means - to best suit their lifestyle and learning preferences.

"For 20 years, the For Dummies brand has stood for simplicity and ease of use," said Mark Harter, chief executive, 4D Global Partners. "We're excited to be building upon the rich history of the For Dummies brand by bringing consumers a full-service support experience for all of their technology needs. We are expanding far beyond the book shelf to bring services and products to life to meet today's customers' needs."

Help for Today's Customers
The comprehensive For Dummies support offering will include a combination of services and products from traditional "For Dummies" books and software to 24/7 online and virtual support:
   Tech Support For Dummies - Providing simple, easy-to-understand support services by phone, online chat, and remote to your computer for all technology issues, including software and hardware issues, network installations and gaming system setup. In-person services coming soon.

 Backup For Dummies - Providing state-of-the art secure online and local backup of personal data, including business files, email messages, important documents, contacts and calendars. The service takes the guess work out of data backup through a fully-integrated and automated approach. Service subscriptions are based on the amount of storage desired. Tech Support For Dummies subscribers receive 2GB of back-up storage complimentary, with additional storage available for a fee.

 Training For Dummies - Providing one-on-one training and tutorials to allow customers who want to know the most about their technologies and software. From basic software functions of Excel and PowerPoint, to advanced photography concepts and skills, the service personalizes the For Dummies book series with in-person and self-directed lessons and videos.

"'Making Everything Easier,' the For Dummies slogan, is exemplified in the services being provided by 4D Global and CSS. The ease of use for customers and the quality of assistance in tech support and training continue the long-standing tradition of For Dummies, the world's bestselling reference brand," said Marc Mikulich, vice president of brand management and international rights, Wiley.

"At CSS, we have built our reputation as an award-winning ITO support organization by providing quality tech support and training services. Our one world delivery model and our focus on innovative platforms and applications provide customers with an unmatched level of service and expertise," said Nick Sharma, chief executive, CSS Corporation. "For Dummies has an equally strong reputation for providing consumers with resources to make any topic easy to understand, so the partnership was an obvious choice."

Tech Support For Dummies was launched mid-2010 and subscriptions are currently available at http://www. techsupportfordummies. com. Backup For Dummies launched this week and will be bundled as part of the Tech Support for Dummies subscriptions, but can also be purchased separately at http://www. onlinebackupfordummies. com.

Both Tech Support For Dummies and Backup for Dummies will be available in select retail locations in early 2011.

Training For Dummies will be available in mid-2011.

About For Dummies®
After nearly 20 years and with more than 200 million copies printed, For Dummies is the world's bestselling reference series, well known for enriching people's lives by making knowledge accessible in a fun and easy way. Loyal customers around the globe agree that For Dummies is "more than a publishing phenomenon … [it is] a sign of the times," [The New York Times]. The books span every section of the bookstore, covering topics from health to history, music to math, sports to self-help, technology to travel and more. The For Dummies brand presence is further expanded with the addition of eBooks, a corporate custom publishing program, a robust consumer website and a licensed product line that includes consumer electronics, culinary, crafts, video, software, musical instrument packs, home improvement, automotive, game and more. For more information, visit http://www. dummies. com. For Dummies is a branded imprint of Wiley.

About 4D Global Partners
4D Global Partners, LLC (4DGP) is a product development, sales and marketing firm focused on technology products and services for consumers and small businesses. The company develops and markets products via internationally recognized and trusted brands. The company is headquartered in Mill Valley, California. For additional information about 4D Global Partners, please visit http://www.4dgp. com and http://techsupportfordummies. com.

About CSS Corp
CSS Corp is a global information and communications technology company with an impeccable record for designing, developing, deploying and managing end-to-end IT and network services. From application development, testing and optimization through to enterprise-level cloud enablement and round the clock technical support services, CSS Corp provides a truly impressive range of quality services that focus on delivering strategic value and operational efficiency for its customers. CSS Corp proudly works with some of the world's best known customer and partner brands. And, with a global multi-cultural workforce of more than 5000 staff across 8 Countries worldwide, the company has established a strong global foundation to continue supporting its international customers and growth aspirations. For further information please visit http://www. csscorp. com.

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