Friday, October 29, 2010

Launch of MarigoldLane. com—New Website Dedicated to Simple Living With a “Green” Twist

Launch of MarigoldLane. com—New Website Dedicated to Simple Living With a “Green” Twist

Premier online resource for living a greener lifestyle goes beyond making small changes promoting a way of life that is good for you, your family, and the environment.

Burlington, VT (PRWEB) March 9, 2006

Marigold Lane is the premier online resource for people who prefer to live a simpler, more healthy, and greener lifestyle.

Marigold Lane is a “cyber streetscape” where readers stroll down an inviting street lined with shops—none of which actually sell anything however. Instead, they are stopping points, each one dedicated to providing readers with accurate, interesting, and informative articles about an aspect of green living that affects everyday life. Here is what visitors to Marigold Lane will find:

Green Living Salon—Information about environmentally responsible living and products made from renewable resources or recycled products.

Natural Beauty--Natural and organic skincare product reviews and natural beauty treatments using herbs, honey, flowers, berries, and essential oils.

Kitchen Market--Recipes for healthy eating and herbal teas and other drinks made form herbs, flowers, and berries and natural remedies for common ailments.

Garden Conservatory—Accessories and furniture for the garden made from recycled or renewable resources, environmentally friendly gardening ideas, and plant folklore.

Antiques & Jewels Boutique--Featuring articles about antiques and jewels to decorate your home, your garden, and your self, such as an organic gemstone primer, floral motifs in jewelry, and why antiques are part of the green lifestyle.

About Marigold Lane:

Marigold Lane is the creation of Heleigh Bostwick, a botanist, landscape designer, and a freelance writer who has also worked in the jewelry and antiques business. Marigold Lane reflects her personal philosophy and experience in living a green lifestyle, as well as her education and professional training. For additional information please contact Heleigh Bostwick or visit www. marigoldlane. com.


Heleigh Bostwick, Publisher

Marigold Lane

Www. marigoldlane. com

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