Thursday, October 21, 2010

Limu PLUS with Fucoidan and Adaptogens *Now Great Tasting Kids, Love It Too!

Limu PLUS with Fucoidan and Adaptogens *Now Great Tasting Kids, Love It Too!

Natives on the Pacific island of Tonga have known the energizing benefits of the sea plant they call Limu Moui.* Limu Moui is no ordinary plant. It's packed with the vitamins, minerals and other life-giving substances.

(PRWEB) January 25, 2004

Fucoidan-rich Limu Moui nectar from Royal Kingdom of Tonga has been used for over 3000 years by natives of Tonga to rejuvenate, restore health, and boost immune system naturally to relieve symptoms and many health conditions associated with aging and exposure to stress.

Since the earth's soil has been depleted from worthwhile nutrients by over cultivation and chemical bombardment, our next and last resource for real nourishment is the ocean and its sea plants and kelp beds.

LimuPLUS is the richest formulation of limu moui on the planet. Each ounce contains a whopping 8500 mgms of limu moui PLUS adaptogens. It is a potent nectar extracted from the Limu Moui plant harvested from the pristine waters in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of TONGA.

The LIMU MOUI plant is processed in the U. S.A. for marketing throughout the world.

The flavor of LimuPLUS is delicious. You simply take two Tbsps in the morning or in the evening. You will enjoy maximum benefits by taking just one ounce per day, and you will not realize greater benefits by taking more. And it tastes so good, that your children will drink it willingly every day.

Scientific study has shown that Limu Moui contains a veritable storehouse of natural minerals and vitamins, glyconutrients, amino acids and polysaccharides that can help support immune function. Limu Moui's main ingredient is Fucoidan, which according to prominent Japanese researcher Dr. Kyosuke Owa is said to "contain the same healing antibodies found in mother's milk, providing essential amino acids and a balanced diet of minerals necessary to boost the immune system.

Did you know that Limu contains Amino Acids and Glycoproteins, Essential Fatty Acids, Glyconutrients, Polyphenols( like those in the powerful Green Tea), Colloidal Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes and the polysaccharide Fucoidan, the primary active chemical component.

Amino Acid support: body building blocks, provides "essential amino acids" that the body cannot create on its own and glycoproteins to help the body defend itself.

Essential Fatty Acid Support: key to eye and brain health, normal mental functioning and normal blood sugar ranges.

Other nutrients provide and encourage immune function.

Powerful antioxidant polyphenols : address heavy metals; support healthy hair, nails and skin; eases digestive ability; and addresses the aging process.

Powerful minerals that are easily absorbed help conduction of other nutrients and assist with toxin removal.

Plant enzymes assist literally every bodily function since vitamins, minerals and hormones can't work without their support. Enzymes also help to build our bodies and digest and absorb nutrients.

The primary active phytochemical, FUCOIDAN, is reported to be the subject of some 300 studies and is said to: enhance immunity; assist with joints, blood function, digestion, liver support, stomach function, skin and cellular growth--among others!

Adaptogens are a rare class of plant first identified by Russian scientists in their quest for the key to improved human performance. According to these researchers, adaptogens help restore the bodyÂ’s overall capacity for exertion and resistance to stress.*

Today's American Medical Association (AMA) says that as many as 80% of health challenges may be related to stressors.

The Limu Plus™ adaptogen blend helps support:

Better focus, mental energy, stamina, enhanced sleep, mood improvement, better attention to detail, improvement in the aging process, less toxicity, cellular balance, antioxidant capability.* And, over your lifetime it enhances:

Human potential, endurance, health, longevity, protection for vital organs, plus, the ability for the body to modify its biological responses!

These are just some of the aliments that taking Limu Moui juice has helped:

Abrasions, colon disease, hyperactivity, prostate disease, allergies, congestion, hypoglycaemia, rashes, arthritis, constipation, hypothyroid, respiratory infection, atherosclerosis, depression, immune dysfunction, sinusitis, autoimmune, diseases, diabetes, indigestion, skin disorders, backlashes, ear aches, insomnia, sore throats, bladder infections, eye inflammations, liver disorders, strep infections, boils, fever, menstrual cramps, stroke, bowel disorders, fibromyalgia, mood disorders, toothaches, burns, gingivitis, mouth sores, tumours, cancer, headaches, obesity, ulcers, chronic fatigue, heart disease, pain, wounds, weak circulation, herpes (cold sores), parasites, yeast infections, colds, and flu hypertension, peritonitis, high cholesterol,