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Avoid the Mortgage Company

Avoid the Mortgage Company

Credit Poor - Purchase RealEstate Regardless

(PRWEB) April 13, 2003

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  Lisa Carey

 166 Laroussini Street

  Westwego, LA 70094 


New Booklet Reveals Strategy For Purchasing RealEstate in a Credit Driven Economy

Westwego, La. - While some people struggle to survive in today's sluggish business environment, many are doing better than ever-largely because they have mastered the proven but little-known strategy of "Bond For Deed Purchase".

That's the opinion of Lisa Carey, on independent broker and author of the just published booklet "Bond For Deed Purchase: A proven method to purchase small and large residential or commercial real-estate regardless of your credit worthiness."

Many people fear the rejection of the traditional lending institution because when the economy is weak, people cut back on paying bills timely," says Carey. "To survive in such an environment you need to develop and alternative strategy to capture the American Dream of home ownership. One also needs to master real-estate techniques that will allow you an opportunity to capitalize on this limited realestate market because of the increased competition that is typical.

Some additional realestate strategies Carey outlines in her booklet:

** Find Bond For Deeds, An easy way to get more real-estate is to simply call For Sale By Owner Sellers(Real-Estate owners) - people that are selling there property themselves. They may not be aware of this alternative way to sell

Their property. According to Carey, a properly scripted telephone call could generate approximately one order for every ten calls.

** Quote Reasonable Price and Down-payment in a competitive situation. While sellers need to sell their property as much as you want to purchase a home in competitive condition. You will win by offering close to the asking price and negotiate the terms and down-payment. Carey says that during a recession, market your offer 10 - 15 percent lower that you could be would normally pay in a healthy economy.

** Give A Little Extra. Where there are limited houses that can be creatively purchased, Carey advises people to do everything that can to get the owner sell the property with reasonable terms. "When you have received the property you have began building equity and you can sell the property for market value while recapturing your initial investment,"says Carey". "Now is an ideal time to take the step to homeownership with no more fear ".

For a copy of Carey's Booklet, "Bond For Deed Purchase"

Send $29 and a self-addressed stamp #10 envelop to: Lisa Carey,

Dept 105, 166 Laroussini Street, Westwego, Louisiana - 70094