Tuesday, November 9, 2010

EMR Experts Partners with Systemedx to Offer New EMR Software

EMR Experts Partners with Systemedx to Offer New EMR Software

EMR Experts announced a new partnership today with Systemedx, a leading provider of EMR & practice management software.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2006

EMR Experts, Inc., a provider of electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management software solutions, is excited to announce a new partnership with Systemedx, Inc., creators of Clinical Navigator EMR & Practice Management Software.

With record healthcare spending, an increasing number of medical errors, changes with Medicare and complex insurance billing, physicians are looking to electronic medical records (EMR) as the solution to help deliver better patient care and improve the profitability of their practice. Purchasing and implementing an EMR is often a very slow and challenging process for physicians. EMR Experts takes an unbiased approach to helping physicians find the right software for their office. EMR Experts’ matrix of over 100 vendors helps save physician’s time and ensures a successful implementation.

Physicians making the conversion to electronic medical records has been a slow and challenging process in most cases. With 100’s of EMR and Practice Management software vendors to choose from, physicians are faced with the challenge of having to sift through the vast number of vendors to find a product that fits their needs. EMR Experts helps physicians select the right EMR by providing them with unbiased information and guiding them through the selection process.

The addition of Systemedx Clinical Navigator to the EMR Experts product offering will provide physicians with more quality options from which to choose. Systemedx’s comprehensive line of products includes EMR, Practice Management, Scheduling, Dictation, Imaging and NavNet. "We have been very impressed with Systemedx' solutions and are confident that the Clinical Navigator system will be a great addition to our current product offering" says Chris Ferguson, President and CEO.

Clinical Navigator by Systemedx, Inc. is a powerful and flexible clinical information solution for the whole office. Clinical Navigator was designed with physicians to automate and streamline the office. The comprehensive software suites provide a one stop shop to get everything needed for today’s modern practice. The Systemedx Navigator comprehensive software suites cover every aspect of the office environment including EMR, scheduling, scanning, remote access, security, HIPAA, meds, prescription and dictation. Forms libraries let you start out with specialty type best practices and then adapt the software to the way your clinic does business. NavNet provides a secure network for transmitting information such as patient demographics, scheduling appointments, lab and hospital integration. It is designed to help physicians deliver improved quality care while realizing higher revenue goals. By generating electronic records at the point of care, Navigator is bringing unparalleled efficiency to operations. Navigator takes advantage of the latest in technology including the Internet, Intranet, wireless, voice-activation and pen-based solutions. For more information on Systemedx solutions, visit www. systemedx. com

EMR Experts provides medical practices with quality electronic medical record and practice management software solutions. EMR Experts’ unique service provides practitioners with unbiased and reliable information on the leading software vendors so that physicians can make educated decisions on which EMR is best for their office. EMR Experts also assists physicians in the training/implementation process as this step is prone to error. For more information on EMR Experts products and services, visit www. emrexperts. com or call 1-877-EMR-1-EMR