Saturday, November 13, 2010

Redemtech Announces Serious Good™ Computer Donation Initiative to Benefit Habitat for Humanity, Other Nonprofits and Low-Income Communities

Redemtech Announces Serious Good™ Computer Donation Initiative to Benefit Habitat for Humanity, Other Nonprofits and Low-Income Communities

Helping Corporate Donors Transform Surplus IT into Strategic Assets Supporting Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Digital Inclusion

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) December 1, 2010

Redemtech, a world leader in IT Asset Disposition and Technology Change Management (TCM), today launched the Serious Good™ initiative, bringing together corporations, nonprofit partners and the community to foster donations of refurbished PCs to address the Digital Divide – the rapidly growing gap between citizens with PCs and Internet access and those without.

Habitat for Humanity International, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating affordable housing, will be one of the first national partners to benefit from the Redemtech Serious Good initiative. The program’s goal is to provide a refurbished computer for every Habitat partner family in the U. S. who wishes to receive one – an ambitious target that will require about 80,000 donated computers. “In today’s digital society, a PC functions as a library, post office, tutor, bank, newspaper, employment agency, an extension of school, and more,” said Redemtech President Robert Houghton. “Competing in modern society demands computer skills, yet too many families lack even the most basic PC and Internet access. We are excited to work with Habitat for Humanity as a Serious Good partner to address this issue for its partner families.”

Digital exclusion is a serious and growing concern, with one in four households in the U. S. – 28 million homes – without a home computer. In addition to the personal economic disadvantage this sector is faced with, lack of access to the Internet and its resources has a substantial cost to society: $55 billion based on its impact on a wide range of issues from healthcare and transportation to public safety, education and consumer benefits, according to a recent study.

“Having a computer can help children with their school work and adults in the job market,” said Mark Crozet, senior vice president of Resource Development at Habitat for Humanity International. “We are honored that through Serious Good, Redemtech is working to help Habitat partner families secure technology as a resource they can use to help build even better futures.”

Through Serious Good, corporate donations of surplus computers will play a sustained role in addressing digital exclusion. U. S. businesses replace 40 million PCs each year – and 75 percent are four years old or less, meaning they have years of useful life remaining. Millions of used-yet-useful computers are simply stored or prematurely recycled each year.

Redemtech’s approach to Serious Good enables companies to transform low-value surplus and decommissioned IT into strategic assets by supporting corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals, community renewal and greener IT practices. “Serious Good is rooted in the idea that balanced financial, social and environmental objectives are not only compatible, but work together contributing to the health of your business,” said Redemtech Executive Vice President Jill Vaské. “It helps companies magnify the impact of philanthropy with minimal cash investment and generate up to a seven-fold ROI for every dollar of philanthropic spend.”

Donating surplus IT also supports sustainability goals. By donating refurbished computers, companies extend their useful lifespan and prevent hazardous materials from prematurely entering the waste stream. Every 100 computer systems donated saves electricity to power 68 households a year and reduces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 48 cars from the road for a year.

To help businesses explore this innovative approach to leveraging surplus IT to support CSR and sustainability goals, Redemtech has created a comprehensive website at http://www. redemtech. com/seriousgood]. The site includes information on Serious Good partners including testimonials and details about maximizing a company’s “Giving ROI.” A white paper, “Giving: The Most Strategic IT Asset Disposition,” is available for download.

Redemtech’s industry-leading refurbishment process ensures that every donated computer meets quality standards to ensure a long, productive second life. Refurbishment includes complete data wiping, intensive OEM-level testing, reconditioning, repairs and upgrades. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), Redemtech preinstalls genuine Windows® XP Professional operating system and the Microsoft Office® suite on every donated PC for a nominal licensing fee, adding hundreds of dollars of value to the technology gift. Each refurbished PC is professionally packaged under Redemtech’s Red Rabbitt™ brand of high-quality, business-grade refurbished equipment, together new peripherals and other essentials to provide a “like-new” user experience.

Serious Good is designed to overcome the historical barriers to corporate donations and ensure a positive experience. Some donation programs dump untested, outdated, even non-functioning PCs without legal software on recipients that lack the budget or resources to make them functional.

Through Serious Good, Redemtech addresses key issues by:
-- Managing the entire donation process, including asset recovery, ensuring MAR eligibility for recipients, providing essential environmental and data security reporting and other administrative details
-- Providing donation partners that have a clearly identified need for donated PCs and training programs to help recipients learn basic PC skills and understand Internet safety issues
-- Installing genuine software to address software licensing issues and ensure end-user access to software updates and online support from Microsoft
-- Providing a 90-day warranty and free support to help recipients get up and running
-- Including free takeback service to ensure responsible recycling at end of life and compliance with environmental regulations

“IT is a gateway to individual prosperity and participation in modern society,” Houghton said. “Companies benefit in many ways when more people are empowered as citizens and consumers through digital services. From this perspective, corporate surplus IT is a strategic asset unlike any other kind of surplus property.

Redemtech’s innovative approach to reusing surplus IT, including the Serious Good program, has positioned the company at the forefront of the ITAD industry. Reuse is a preferred disposition method under the e-Stewards® Standard, the only globally accredited third-party audited certification program that ensures compliance with e-waste treaties, laws and regulations. Redemtech’s leadership in achieving global e-Stewards Certification was a key reason the company was positioned as a Leader in the 2010 Gartner Magic Quadrant for North America IT Asset Disposition.

About Redemtech
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