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Patient Isolation Solutions Can Help Contain the Spread of Airborne Infectious Diseases in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Patient Isolation Solutions Can Help Contain the Spread of Airborne Infectious Diseases in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Patient isolation solutions and protective environments from Abatement Technologies® can help medical facilities contain the spread of potentially deadly airborne infectious diseases and meet isolation surge capacity needs as they activate flu pandemic preparedness plans.

Suwanee, GA (PRWEB) May 11, 2009

With the threat of a swine flu H1N1 pandemic overwhelming hospital and healthcare facilities, the phones at Abatement Technologies are ringing off the hook. Abatement Technologies HEPA-CARE High-Efficiency Air Purification Systems (http://www. abatement. com/healthcare/patient_care_areas. htm) create patient isolation room environments by removing infectious droplets from the air and reducing the risk of infecting other patients and medical staff within the facility.

Swine flu classification has been updated to a Stage 5 infectious disease outbreak by the World Health Organization (WHO) on its scale of 6 rankings for infectious disease outbreaks. Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization states that, "All countries should immediately activate their pandemic preparedness plans."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), effective and essential measures of a pandemic preparedness plan include protecting patients and staff from potentially hazardous airborne particles. Healthcare facilities, even those that are already equipped with isolation rooms for infectious patients, are concerned that a flu outbreak could become a full blown Stage 6 pandemic leading to the potential overwhelming of existing facilities. Learn how Air Purification products from Abatement Technologies meet CDC Guidelines for Healthcare Infection Control (http://www. abatement. com/healthcare/guidelines. htm).

Dave Willyard, vice president at Abatement Technologies says, "Over the past 15 years more than 5,000 professional healthcare providers throughout the United States and worldwide have acquired Abatement products for isolating patients infected with respiratory pathogens such as tuberculosis, SARS, bird flu and Aspergillus. Today, our manufacturing and sales people are helping hospitals and other customers prepare for a possible larger scale swine flu outbreak as well as preparing for chemical bioterrorism attacks, weapons of mass destruction and natural disasters."

Mr. Willyard reports that the company has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries from schools, day care centers and doctors offices where infections could spread quickly. This is in addition to calls from healthcare facilities where Abatement HEPA-CARE air filtration systems are already in use.

About Abatement Technologies, Inc:

Abatement Technologies has led the way with innovative and effective technology solutions since developing their first air purification and containment products in 1986. Indoor Air Quality professionals rely on Abatement Technologies products to purify the air and deliver exceptional air cleansing performance with long-term reliability.

Contact Dave Willyard for additional information on all of our technically advanced HEPA-CARE Products for Healthcare Facilities (http://www. abatement. com/healthcare. htm) to create patient isolation rooms, provide isolation surge capacity and remove hazardous particles from the air during construction or maintenance projects.

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