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Diabetics Enjoy New Website That Helps Control Diet

Diabetics Enjoy New Website That Helps Control Diet

New online store provides safe, healthy food for those following a diabetic diet plan.

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) November 8, 2007

In response to the diabetes epidemic, and in conjunction with Diabetes Awareness month, Live Stores Inc. (http://www. livestores. com/) recently launched www. diabeticdirect. com (http://www. diabeticdirect. com/) .The new site assists people living with diabetes by providing an easy-to-use online shop for sugar-free foods (http://www. diabeticdirect. com/sugar-free-9-ct. htm) and/or low sugar foods (http://www. diabeticdirect. com/low-sugar-11-ct. htm). This is the spot on the web where people who are affected by diabetes can fulfill all their needs for a healthy lifestyle.

"The retail world was not paying adequate attention to the needs of this very specific community," said Jan Platovsky, CEO and co-founder of Live Stores, Inc., the company that owns and operates Diabetic Direct. "There was no single place on the Internet where people affected by diabetes could find all their food product needs. We now provide the one-stop-shopping site for sugar-free and low sugar products."

More than 20.8 million Americans are affected by the life-threatening disease called diabetes. Diabeticdirect. com delivers a wide variety of diabetic-specialty food products right to their homes. Additionally, it has a very unique and friendly search functionality based on products and consumer life-styles.

"I am sure, consumers will enjoy finding food products based on sugar content and also by carbohydrate, calorie, fat, fiber, gluten or kosher lifestyle," said Wolfgang Reile, President and co-founder of Live Stores, Inc.

The nutritional facts and detailed description of the food products featured on the site is extensive and consumer friendly. This allows buyers to easily identify the ingredients and per-serving content of every food package sold.

Diabeticdirect. com plans to expand on its already plentiful food offerings. It will also soon include short-term medical products, special equipment and specialty drugs.

"We wanted the launch of Diabeticdirect. com to coincide with the Diabetes Awareness Month, celebrated this November," said Platovsky. "I am sure that our target audience of more than 20 million consumers affected by diabetes will appreciate our efforts to serve them better."

Live Stores, Inc. (Livestores. com), headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., is a leading global provider of niche products for home and personal use. Live Stores, Inc. owns and operates several Web sites offering thousands of products. The company was incorporated January 29th, 2007, and its product offerings range from coolers (http://www. cooler-store. com/), heaters (http://www. heater-store. com/) and costumes to microdermabrasion products. To drive customers to its diverse products, the company uses mission critical SEO proprietary technology. The team of Web professionals that work at Live Stores, Inc. has a combined 30 years of eCommerce experience. Moreover, the company plans to launch a new Web site offering niche products every 90 days.

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