Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Online Seminar Provides Critical Training on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Online Seminar Provides Critical Training on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

TruthAboutPTSD. com offers a free 40 minute seminar for trauma survivors and health care providers. The number of people with PTSD grows daily. Additional training is immediately available.

(PRWEB) December 14, 2004

TruthAboutPTSD. com has launched a new comprehensive education and training program for trauma survivors and the healthcare providers who treat them.

All visitors to the site are invited to listen to a free 40 minute seminar, “Understanding and Overcoming the Natural Effects of Trauma.” This audio program teaches exactly what PTSD is, why the mind/brain develops PTSD, how to screen for PTSD, and the seven immediate interventions for someone who’s been traumatized.

“The problem of PTSD is just too big,” says Dr. Robert C. Stone, psychiatrist and educational director of TruthAboutPTSD. com. “With more than 10 million US Adults having PTSD and at least 20% of our soldiers returning from Iraq developing PTSD, we are critically behind in treatment resources to care for this growing population.”

TruthAboutPTSD. com provides trauma survivors the education and tools to begin healing from the devastating symptoms of PTSD. Advanced programs train healthcare providers to assess PTSD and begin immediate treatment for their clients and patients.

Robert C. Stone, DO, is a psychiatrist and specialist in PTSD. He has worked with combat veterans from Korea through the Gulf War, as well as torture victims and domestic violence survivors. He lectures throughout the US on all aspects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

For additional information, visit: http://www. TruthAboutPTSD. com (http://www. TruthAboutPTSD. com)
Or e-mail information@TruthAboutPTSD. com

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