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SIGNiX Adds to its Digital Signature Leadership at National Association of Realtors Conference

SIGNiX Adds to its Digital Signature Leadership at National Association of Realtors Conference

SIGNiX MyDoXTM Enables Real Estate Professionals to Immediately Utilize Digital Signatures with Confidence, Trust, Ease and Speed

New Orleans, LA (Vocus) November 5, 2010

SIGNiX, the world leader in digital signature solutions that are seamlessly integrated into mission critical processes for organizations needing to sign documents online, will unveil MyDoX’s powerful new capabilities to attendees at NARdiGras 2010, November 5-8 in New Orleans.

This conference brings together real estate professionals and industry leaders from across the nation and the world looking to better serve their customers with the latest technological advances, and SIGNiX will highlight its newest innovation in digital signatures with the release of SIGNiX MyDoX.

SIGNiX’s digital signature solution is an integrated feature of zipForm, the leading forms product for real estate professionals, which is known as zipLogix Digital Ink and has had a dramatic impact on the industry since its launch in 2010. With MyDoX, SIGNiX is now enabling agents, brokers, and their clients to digitally sign any proprietary document available from their desktop, whether or not it is in ZipForm’s broad library of forms, and automate the traditional paper processes which in the past required ink and paper signatures. MyDoX is the only solution that allows any document to be immediately executed with a highly trusted digital signature.

SIGNiX will also be sharing details regarding the support and selection of zipLogix Digital Ink, powered by SIGNiX, by leading state associations representing over 200,000 members, which have made it the industry’s leading solution less than a year after its launch with real estate professionals.

About SIGNiX:
SIGNiX is the premier provider of business optimization through digital signatures for industries including financial services, real estate, insurance, healthcare, government, and education. SIGNiX helps the enterprise transform and expedite transactions, scale their business processes and reduce costs with the proper controls required by regulation, legislation and industry best practice. Digital signature solutions produce legally enforceable electronic records while moving to a paperless environment. The Company’s vision is to provide a trusted digital signature on every online business document.

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