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BestDietForMe. com’s Top 60 Diet Survey Finds Best Weight Loss Programs For 1+ Million Consumers, In 7 Minutes – Free

BestDietForMe. com’s Top 60 Diet Survey Finds Best Weight Loss Programs For 1+ Million Consumers, In 7 Minutes – Free

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) June 22, 2010

Marketdata Enterprises, is a 31-year old market research firm that has operated www. BestDietForMe. com, since 2003, helping more than a million consumers find the best diet plan for their personal budget, food and exercise preferences, and lifestyle. BestDietForMe has been one of the leading diet information websites on the Internet, with 2,000+ pages of weight loss (http://www. bestdietforme. com) articles and reviews. The service and articles are provided totally free of charge, since the website is advertiser supported. It has been named a “Hot Site” by USA Today.

What’s different about this website and online interactive diet survey is that it’s unbiased. Marketdata does NOT operate or sell any weight loss programs, nor is it funded by any diet company. There are roughly 60 safe and legitimate diet programs in the database, with detailed 3-5 page reports describing each in detail.

BestDietForMe. com is a huge one-stop resource for the dieter. At the website, one can find:

- The latest weight loss news and consumer alerts about dangerous diet products - Diet book reviews and Fad diet reviews (http://www. bestdietforme. com) - Reviews and descriptions of new, up-and-coming diet companies - Recipes - Fitness videos - The Diet “Deal Tracker” – Details on the latest discounts and promotions by diet companies - 2,000+ pages of free weight loss articles and market research - Women’s Center – Information about womens’ health issues

Emotional eating, pregnancy and weight gain, skin care, menopause, metabolic syndrome, dieting for a wedding, diet pills, food allergies, meal replacements, stress management, low-carb diets, diet myths, weight loss for men, weight loss surgery, phone counseling, diet food home delivery, and a lot more – It’s All here in one place.

“Many dieters today are confused by all the weight loss programs (http://www. marketdataenterprises. com/DietMarket. htm) on the market. They’re bombarded with exaggerated claims of rapid and easy weight loss and misleading claims about the true cost of programs. We created BestDietForMe seven years ago to address this problem and to protect consumers. Now, more than ever, it’s important not to waste your money.”, according to John LaRosa, Business Development Manager.

Marketdata maintains and continuously updates a database of 60 of the most legitimate, proven and safe weight loss programs (medical, commercial, retail, do-it-yourself). When a person takes the survey online, the software narrows down the several best plans for you, based on how you answer the questions. Plans are sorted by: cost, type of food, your medical conditions, exercise, your emotional eating issues, food allergies, etc. Upon completion, the person’s recommended diet program names appear on screen, with links to in-depth reports describing plans in detail (costs, program phases, company history, positives/negatives, website, phone). Survey takers are also offered freebies and special offers by weight loss companies.

Marketdata also analyzes these survey results and publishes them quarterly, tracking 112 measures. Here are some findings from the 1st Quarter 2010 “Online Dieter Research” report:

Dieter Budgets… An overwhelming 84% want to spend less than $500 on a weight loss program, with   69% wanting to spend under $250. Just 1.6% are willing to spend $1,500+.

Preferred Location… Fully 80% of dieting consumers favor a do-it-yourself plan accessed   from home (website, phone), or use a diet book. This is the highest in 7 years, due to the recession.   Nearly 81% want self-directed counseling and 12.7% want a one-to-one approach.

Food Plan… 59% of dieters prefer to use supermarket food, while 8.8% want pre-packaged or diet   company food (i. e. Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Weight Watchers). Another 4.5% want meal   replacements (shakes, bars), and 23% have no preference. 5.2% want diet food home delivery.

Psychological Support… At least 49% of dieters need some form of psychological support (managing   eating triggers, controlling portion sizes, help with binge eating and dining out).

Top 60 Diet Quiz (http://www. bestdietforme. com)Available for Licensing

Marketdata is now making this unique diet tool available for licensing by a limited number of companies. The survey is sent via an automatic feed and Marketdata will create a co-branded page for the client, retaining the website look and feel. The Top 60 Diet Quiz tool offers the following:

- A proven value-added service for their members or website visitors. - Instantly add useful weight loss content/reviews and an interactive tool, by a respected 20-year national   weight loss market analyst. - Create a new revenue stream to monetize website traffic. - Keep visitors at their website longer.

“Not only can a company instantly add an unbiased interactive weight loss tool and useful content to their website, but it can more than pay for itself and produce a profit. As a turnkey service, it’s maintenance-free.”, according to John LaRosa.


Www. BestDietForMe. com is operated by Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., an independent market research (http://www. marketdataenterprises. com)firm and analyst of the U. S. weight loss industry since 1989. It also publishes market research studies and performs consulting. Contact Mr. LaRosa for Diet Quiz licensing details and a demo.

Other Weight Loss Products & Services:

* Pre-qualified, Opt-in, Dieter Sales Leads – Dieter email addresses generated daily from the   BestDietForMe. com survey, as users register. * “The U. S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market”, Feb. 2009., 392 pp. * “The Diet Food Delivery Services Market”, Feb. 2009, 146 pp. * “How To Start & Run A Profitable Weight Loss Business”, Sept. 2009, 175 pp. (2010 edition coming soon)

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