Sunday, February 13, 2011

Promises Treatment Centers to Hold Spirit Journey Retreat for People in Recovery

Promises Treatment Centers to Hold Spirit Journey Retreat for People in Recovery

The Spirit Journey retreat offers a day of reflection, connection, and discovery during which participants can tap into their spirituality through creative expression, healing, and ritual.

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) February 3, 2010

Promises Treatment Centers, a leader in addiction treatment (http://www. promises. com), will hold a recovery workshop at its outpatient clinic in West Los Angeles on Sunday, February 21, 2010. The focus of the retreat will be to enhance the recovery process as participants learn how to access their intuition and exercise their creativity.

“With the many challenges we are faced with, it can be easy to lose sight of our belief in and connection to a higher power,” said Keith Arnold, Vice President of Operations of Elements Behavioral Health and Promises Treatment Centers (http://www. promises. com). “The journey of recovery from addictions is a stressful one, and starts with this connection to something greater than ourselves. Maintaining this connection is so important to help us overcome challenges as well as build resilience and gratitude during challenging times. This one day workshop is designed to help participants regain access, clarity and purpose with our spiritual connection.”

Spirit Journey participants will learn how to access their own intuition; connect with their ancestors through prayer, song, and ritual; and creatively express themselves through experiential learning. Participants will also discover cross-cultural traditions to enhance their recovery process, exercise their creativity through Mandala work, and experience healing ceremonies such as Talking Circle, White Bison 12-step Teachings, Potlatch, and meditation.

The retreat is facilitated by Sonnee Weedn, Ph. D, a clinical and forensic psychologist from Novato, California, whose desire to broaden her view of the many ways people make contact with a higher power led her to study the faiths and spiritual practices of many indigenous groups worldwide. Dr. Weedn’s retreats and trainings are designed to assist people in finding and walking their own spiritual path with an eye to the practicalities of modern life.

Also lending her expertise is Dana Patterson of Tucson, Arizona, an Intuitive who uses her unique abilities to see into the core of what is happening in a client’s life at a subconscious level. Ms. Patterson facilitated thousands of Transformation Sessions at Miraval Resort, and currently co-facilitates Quality of Life Workshops and World of Wisdom Retreats for a number of clients, including Dr. Weedn and Sierra Tucson.

Spirit Journey is also facilitated by Albert Sombrero, MS, a counselor and Navajo Spirit Guide from Tucson, Arizona, who was born and raised on the Navajo Nation Mr. Sombrero holds a Master of Arts in American Indian Policy and a Master of Higher Education, and has served the urban Native American Community as a counselor and case manager. He is also a Navajo Spiritual Leader at Large and is a certified Native American Church Roadman.

Keith Arnold will also be lending his knowledge to the retreat. Mr. Arnold has long been a leader in the movement for the treatment of chemical dependency, addiction, and trauma recovery, and is a con-initiator of educational and inspirational programs and workshops.

Spirit Journey takes place on Sunday, February 21st, 2010, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Tuition is $89 plus an optional boxed lunch, or $79 if paid and registered by February 16th. To register, please visit www. promises. com and click on February 21st Retreat, or call Amy Van Landingham at 310-390-2340.

Walk-in registration begins at 8:30 am the day of the retreat. The retreat takes place at Promises Outpatient Center, 2045 Barrington Ave., Los Angeles, CA. Street parking is available.