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Quadion and BackBone, Inc. Partner to Provide Custom-Developed iPhone/iPad Apps for Healthcare Vendors

Quadion and BackBone, Inc. Partner to Provide Custom-Developed iPhone/iPad Apps for Healthcare Vendors

Healthcare communications firm partners with prominent software developer to help healthcare vendors extend functionality and communications to iPhones and iPads.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) July 29, 2010

BackBone Inc. (http://www. backboneinc. com (http://www. backboneinc. com)), a marketing communications, public relations, and business development firm specializing in Healthcare and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), today announces a partnership with Quadion, an application development company (http://www. quadion. com. ar/ (http://www. quadion. com. ar/)), to develop business-to-business and consumer-based iPhone and iPad apps for healthcare vendors and providers.

With app sales at approximately $4.5B in 2010 (projected to reach $21.6B by 2013), the iPhone has emerged as a broadly used business productivity device, application platform for consumers, and potent marketing vehicle. The Quadion/BackBone program enables customers to turn an iPhone into a biometric device, design an app that enables users to monitor and manage their behaviors, or provide business users with remote control of an in-the-cloud application or service. A branded app distributed across a fast-growing base of business customers using iPhones (and iPads), also gives vendors an effective, low-cost marketing vehicle, and a highly effective means of communicating with users.

"Healthcare vendors are looking to add value to their core offerings to differentiate themselves in the market," said Charles Epstein, BackBone's President. "Considering their popularity and everyday business and recreational use, the iPhone (and, now the iPad) can extend your reach, whether you're looking to improve your ability to engage users or add remote functionality and service. We look forward to working with Quadion in developing mobile apps for healthcare vendors looking to extend their solutions and marketing messages to the growing mass of people using the iPhone as an indispensible business tool."

Quadion, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has an extensive iPhone applications portfolio, which includes an app that allows health plan affiliates to look for drugstores, health centers, doctors, and any other entity affiliated to the company; SAP EcoHub, a solution marketplace that allows customers to discover, evaluate, and buy SAP ecosystem solutions; and ESPN Linebacker, a game that has been among the top 15 sports apps in the Apple Store since it went live earlier this year.

With offices in South Florida and Connecticut, BackBone will act as Quadion's U. S.-based marketing arm and liaison between the healthcare customer and Quadion's development team, making sure communications are fluid and applications are completed, validated, and published on time. BackBone will also assist healthcare customers in the early design stage, helping make each application as engaging and interactive as possible in order to maximize its value as both a functional and communications tool.

"BackBone brings a deep understanding of the healthcare space; they know the issues and industry trends, and are well-versed in all the different business models and technologies," said Javier Delgado, CEO of Quadion. "Their experience and creative communications are a perfect complement to Quadion's proven ability to deliver high-performing iPhone and iPad applications. The program combines three essential elements: healthcare and technology savvy courtesy of BackBone, Quadion's world-class application development capabilities, and the cost savings associated with off-shoring."

For a portfolio of Quadion iPhone applications, visit http://www. quadion. com. ar/about/portfolio/ (http://www. quadion. com. ar/about/portfolio/).

About BackBone, Inc.:
Since the company's founding in 1995, BackBone has helped some of the industry's most innovative and dynamic software and IT vendors to successfully position, pitch, and sell their solutions and services. BackBone provides "next-generation" public relations (combining traditional PR with social media initiatives), marketing communications, and business development--all geared to assisting emerging technology companies raise their profile, gain market-share, and fast-track profitability. BackBone has worked with a broad range of innovative healthcare vendors, practitioners, and consultants--including those offering wellness services, behavioral health programs, disease management solutions, health risk assessment technologies, and population healthcare management (PHM). For more information, visit www. backboneinc. com, or e-mail micheler@backboneinc. com.

About Quadion

Quadion, headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with satellite offices in Miami and New York, is a software development company that utilizes Scrum methodology--an iterative, incremental framework for project management and agile software development--and leverages the capabilities of cross-functional teams to deliver dynamic solutions. For more information visit http://www. quadion. com. ar/ (http://www. quadion. com. ar/), or e-mail info (at) quadion (dot) com. ar.

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