Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Consumer Health Website Inspires Readers to Make Positive Lifestyle Changes, Survey Shows

Consumer Health Website Inspires Readers to Make Positive Lifestyle Changes, Survey Shows

Survey of natural health website readers discovers a vast majority making diet and nutrition changes as a result of dependable, quality wellness information.

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) January 4, 2006

This month, millions of people will include healthy lifestyle changes among their New Year's resolutions, and the holistic nutrition website NewsTarget. com can help them succeed. A recent NewsTarget. com survey showed that 94 % of readers have broadened their knowledge of nutrition and wellness from reading the website, while more than half have incorporated what they learned on the site and felt an improvement in their overall health.

"It's exciting to see that our readers are using what they learn on the site to make positive changes," said Mike Adams, NewsTarget's chief writer and spokesperson. "Our goal is to give people the truth about health and teach them how to prevent disease through good nutrition. I think a large part of the website's success can be attributed to the fact that we are completely independent, and we do not have financial ties to the corporations or products we cover."

Readers also reported that articles on NewsTarget. com have motivated them to add healthy habits to their daily routines. Close to 70 % noted that they have improved their food choices as a result of reading NewsTarget, 58 % have increased their consumption of nutritional supplements, and 57 % now read food labels. Frequent visitors to the site also indicated that following advice from the site has lead to improved work performance and well being.

The site is located at http://www. newstarget. com (http://www. newstarget. com), and provides access the latest news about diet and disease in addition to interviews with holistic experts, product reviews, and investigative reports. NewsTarget. com is published by Truth Publishing.

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Truth Publishing is dedicated to a mission of public service through the creation and distribution of educational materials covering natural health, wellness, environmental responsibility, and other topics important to people everywhere. Articles and commentary are published at www. newstarget. com, and books and interviews are published at www. truthpublishing. com.

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