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Size Acceptance Organization Challenges U. of Pennsylvania Weight Watchers Study

Size Acceptance Organization Challenges U. of Pennsylvania Weight Watchers Study

The International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) has discovered startling information that casts doubt on the recent study which declared Weight Watchers a better diet plan than all others. ISAA is making this information available to the public, as the public has a right to know.

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The International Size Acceptance Association (PRWEB) January 2, 2005
Pennsylvania study (http:bzdiet294098683dec29,0,4878254.story? coll=ny-business-headlines (http:bzdiet294098683dec29,0,4878254.story? coll=ny-business-headlines))

Which essentially endorses Weight Watchers over other diet plans. A representative of the American Dietetic Association was also quoted

As a supportive source in the article about the study. Upon conducting ISAA's own research, we have learned the following:

Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, RD, MPH, the Associate Dean for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is also a member of the Weight Watchers Scientific Advisory Board - Source: http://www. weightwatchers. com/about/his/board. aspx (http://www. weightwatchers. com/about/his/board. aspx)

The American Dietetic Association has received funding from numerous companies and receives underwriting for "facts sheets" on topics related to the companies' products. Major ($100,000+) donors include: Kellogg, Kraft Foods, WEIGHT WATCHERS INTERNATIONAL, Campbell Soup, National Dairy Council, Nestle's USA, Ross Products Division of Abbott Labs., Sandoz, Coca-Cola, Florida Department of Citrus, General Mills, Monsanto, Nabisco, Procter & Gamble, Uncle Ben's, Wyeth-Ayerst Labs. - Source: http://www. cspinet. org/integrity/nonprofits/american_dietetic_association. html (http://www. cspinet. org/integrity/nonprofits/american_dietetic_association. html)

With this information, the University of Pennsylvania study appears to simply become an advertisement for Weight Watchers, potentially to the benefit of the University of Pennsylvania and the American Dietetic Association.

At the very least, ISAA believes that this indicates a lack of objectivity and conflict of interest. ISAA feels the public has a right to know these facts in determining whether the study poses relevant information or is in fact propoganda.

ISAA does not endorse weight loss dieting, instead recommending fitness and healthy food choices in combination with improving self-esteem.

ISAA's mission is to promote size acceptance and help end size-based discrimination throughout the world by means of advocacy and visible, lawful actions.

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