Thursday, April 21, 2011

Affordable Prescription Drug Program

Affordable Prescription Drug Program

Welcome to the Next Generation of Prescription Drug Programs! New Prescription Drug Program offers affordable medication coverage to individuals, companies and groups.

CLEVELAND, OH (PRWEB) August 25, 2004

Rx101 drug plan promises lowest prices, simple shopping. A Cleveland-based firm has unveiled a unique prescription drug program designed to reduce its usersÂ’ costs and simplify the prescription drug-buying process.

MetroWestRx has teamed up with Heritage Consulting Group, located in Cleveland, Ohio, in order to offer Rx101, the nationÂ’s first stand-alone prescription drug program that allows prescription drug buyers the opportunity to purchase their prescription drugs at the lowest possible price.

“The success of Rx101 is due to the simplicity of use and the guarantee that all savings are passed on to our members,” said Jerry Crutchley, president and co-founder of RX101. “Most drug companies offer ‘savings’ on many generic and brand name drugs which is off of retail, but rarely does it make it to the end user. With the Rx101 plan, it’s like having a coupon, and the “negotiated savings” is automatically deducted when our members purchase their drugs. With this plan, due to aggressive negotiations, our members are offered special network pricing. ”

Another benefit of the program is convenience. “The Rx101 prescription drug program is available at over 42,000 participating pharmacies,” he said. “We’ve leveled the playing field so our members don’t have to shop around. They’re getting the lowest possible price.”

The program is based on membership fees as low as $19.95 per month for individuals and $29.95 per month for families.

Heritage Consulting Group also has an agreement to market the CreditUnionRx drug program to the 2.5 million credit union members in Ohio. It plans to expand the CreditUnionRx nationwide soon.

MetroWestRx. com, located in Ashland, MA is working to market the Rx101 Prescription Drug Program nationwide. Along with marketing the Rx101 program, MetroWestRx is also looking for Sales Agents, with experience, but is willing to train motivated individuals.

Heritage Consulting Group, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is a prescription drug consulting group focused on helping clients and members manage their prescription drug spending.

MetroWestRx is a one year old firm, based in Ashland, MA and is committed to helping individuals and companies obtain low cost, affordable health care options. For more information, call Sharon P. Applebee 508 881-0636 or visit www. MetroWestRx. com