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Discover Parisian Beauty

Discover Parisian Beauty

"Look good and feel great with the unique Parisian experience." MAKEOVER-Paris launches first comprehensive beauty, fashion and wellness services in Paris. Founder, Bonnie Galagan, has hand-picked the top beauty professionals to work with her customers through customized itineraries in harmony with their personality and lifestyle.

Carrollton, TX (PRWEB) May 18, 2006

MAKEOVER-Paris (www. makeover-paris. com) offers French beauty, fashion, and wellness packages that suit individuals, groups of friends or associates, mothers and daughters, and brides-to-be wanting to treat themselves to a special get away. MAKEOVER-Paris proposes half-day to five day programs to meet all your pampering needs. Its beauty and wellness programs also make a fabulous gift to someone special in your life - including yourself!!! They are especially suited for women who have recently lost weight or are moving into a new phase in their life and wish to splurge on a new wardrobe or look. And, where better to get a fabulous 'new' look than in the city of Beauty, Romance and Light. For examples: Learn about professional modern makeup techniques that transcends fashion for an one-on-on Face Focus session, or three-hour group seminar, with a great makeup artist; hair design seminars with a well-known hair stylist are also available upon request; and go on a personal shopping excursion and see the city as a Parisian.

"Its services are ideal for people who are traveling to, or have just relocated, Paris," says Bonnie Galagan, founder and general manager of MAKEOVER-Paris. "In my former life as a change management consultant, it was difficult to quickly locate quality services and resources I could trust to style my hair and provide other beauty and wellness services I needed while on the road."

Each consultant has been tested and retested for their artistry and professionalism as well as their people skills. Ms. Galagan places a high-value on the human-heart aspect of her associates and consequently has carefully selected a fine and talented group of individuals. “We're dealing with people on a personal basis so you want someone who not only performs at a high level; you want someone who cares about each person they come in contact with. In the end, it's about passion and commitment. When you are doing something you love to do, it shows up in the end result."

[About Bonnie Galagan]

I decided to return to Paris, the city I fell in love with over 30 years ago, to begin developing and creating my personal makeover-concept. The idea of MAKEOVER-Paris first came to me about four years ago while exploring alternatives with a personal life coach in New York. I had recently left my change management consultant position in San Francisco. My first objective was to change direction, pursue a passion, and return to a lifestyle I knew years earlier. The eureka came during one of my coaching exercises when I was asked to list 10 other possible job interests. When I noted beauty & wellness consulting services, my heart literally began to pound wildly. I knew then that I had found the perfect fit for my passions, interests, and professional skills.

For years I have been testing the latest in beauty products and treatments, alternative health practices, and nutritional yet delicious food. I am vital, healthy, and look younger than my 55 years. I know genes play an important role and so does healthy living and finding‘just enough age intervention with today’s beauty products, fashion choices, and wellness practices.

Ms. Galagan graduated from Wellesley High School and holds a BA in Psychology from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.

She's has been practicing Bikram yoga since 1998.


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