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Gift Ideas for the Most Important Woman in Everyone's Life: Mother's Day Gift Guide from DayTimers

Gift Ideas for the Most Important Woman in Everyone's Life: Mother's Day Gift Guide from DayTimers

Mother's Day Gift Guide from DayTimers.

Lehigh Valley, PA (PRWEB) April 25, 2007

She always takes time to listen, puts everyone else's needs before her own, and it is her voice that is the everlasting conscious that will not go away -- she is mom. For 364 days of the year she puts herself last, but on May 13, all attention goes to her.

"It's difficult to find a gift that accurately expresses what needs to be said to a person who means so much," said Maria Woytek, DayTimers Time Management Expert. "Every child, young or old, wants to give his or her mother a gift that will be useful, but leave a lasting impression. DayTimers has many items, new for spring, that will catch mom's eye this Mother's Day."

The health-guru mom will love the HydraCoach (http://www. daytimer. com/content/shopall/shopall_more_info. asp? shopperid=394E010AC5784FBEA396B97E120DCD0B&aid=False&wu=0&keycode=&line=&PP=&cid=10&Origin=&solution_nmbr=23276+++++++++++++), a pioneering approach to drinking and tracking water-intake. Mom, is of course, too busy to keep track of water intake, so the HydraCoach water bottle has a "smart pad" that calculates personal data to determine the accurate amount of water one should consume in a day. With each sip of water, the ounces are added up and displayed on the side of the bottle so keeping count is no longer an issue.

For the mother who loves to stay on top of what's new and fashionable, DayTimers presents the Malibu Leather tote (http://www. daytimer. com/content/shopall/shopall_more_info. asp? shopperid=394E010AC5784FBEA396B97E120DCD0B&aid=False&wu=0&keycode=&line=&PP=&cid=10&Origin=&solution_nmbr=8602#) in Nautical Blue, which comes with a matching cell phone case and wristlet. Whether she is toting files from meeting to meeting, or children from home to soccer practice, this tote will fulfill all her needs.

Also available is the matching Nautical Blue Malibu Planner (http://www. daytimer. com/content/shopall/shopall_more_info. asp? shopperid=394E010AC5784FBEA396B97E120DCD0B&aid=False&wu=0&keycode=&line=&PP=&cid=10&Origin=&solution_nmbr=8178#), sure to match the fashionable mom's style and busy schedule, not to mention her new tote. A great complement to the Nautical Blue Malibu Planner is the new Comforts of Home planner pages. The pages are graced with serene images of home in soft colors. The design offers a reassuring feel of home--even when mom may be away in the office.

Every mother loves a gift that will keep memories of her family alive and well, which makes the Photo Coaster Set (http://www. daytimer. com/content/shopall/shopall_more_info. asp? shopperid=394E010AC5784FBEA396B97E120DCD0B&aid=False&wu=0&keycode=&line=&PP=&cid=10&Origin=&solution_nmbr=21132+++++++++++++) an ideal gift. The set comes with four coasters that multi-task as picture frames, each holding a 2" photo. It includes an elegant, walnut-finished holder, but mom will most likely want all coasters displayed on the table to show off her photos to guests anyway.

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