Friday, May 13, 2011

Announcing the Launch of the Medicare Supplier Database

Announcing the Launch of the Medicare Supplier Database

The Nedicare Supplier Directory is the most comprehensive online source of it's kind.

(PRWEB) October 24, 2003

Every town, county and state in the United States

Is covered by the Medicare Supplier Database, easily the most comprehensive source of it's kind available on the internet.

The Medicare Supplier Database is a free service to those served by Medicare. This directory has been assembled as a comprehensive resource which lists every Medicare supplier listed in the Medicare Supplier Database. The purpose of this Directory is to assist you in your search for your Medicare and/or pharmaceutical needs. Medicare pharmacy listings are organized by State or you can search by ZipCode. There are hundreds of thousands of pages of listings.

This is in fact the internet's primary starting point for Medicare supplies and pharmaceuticals Nationwide. Essentially, a supplier is an individual and/or entity under agreement to provide health care equipment, items, or a particular service under Medicare. As you browse the site, Medicare Suppliers in the area you chose for the specifics you selected will come up. You can browse each supplier by State, Count or Town. You can also search for Medicare suppliers by zip code. To review the database, go to http://www. medicare-supplier-directory. org (http://www. medicare-supplier-directory. org)