Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Announcing Qvinci: Small Business Management Made Easy and Affordable

Announcing Qvinci: Small Business Management Made Easy and Affordable

Announcing the launch of Qvinci™, a business management software that runs in conjunction with QuickBooks® . Qvinci™ interprets QuickBooks® data using intelligent dashboards to provide clear graphical representations that are easy to understand and use. Qvinci™ also offers tools such as Proforma, Early Warning Indicators, KPI's and many more. By providing insight into all areas, Qvinci™ makes it easy to manage your company.

San Marcos, TX (PRWEB) January 5, 2009

Announcing the launch of Qvinci™, small business management software working in conjunction with QuickBooks® and Microsoft Excel®. Many users feel overwhelmed by reports and spreadsheets filled with numbers. Qvinci™ interprets this data in a clear and concise way using graphics and provides the business manager with forward-looking tools.

In the present economic crisis, instant business insight is vital. Imagine having the power to view your business from every angle with the click of a mouse. Imagine being able to see important operational and financial information in clear and concise graphics. Then imagine the ability to project future performance and to locate specific problem areas within your business.

Qvinci™ makes this a reality. It is an efficient and effective data visualization software, providing insight into all aspects of a business quickly. Qvinci™ automatically pulls data from QuickBooks® and transforms it into meaningful charts and graphs. Using intelligent graphic dashboards, you can track different trends in areas like revenue and expenses over months and years, examine the overall financial health of your business, and identify and prevent problem areas easily.

But Qvinci™ also allows for much more interaction. Dashboards are customizable to suit different needs. Early warning indicators can be placed on certain expenses to monitor and alert you to the financial health of your business. The software can be set to automatically refresh itself so the most up to date information is always available to you. Future success based on past trends can be predicted by Qvinci™, and the "what-if" option allows businesses to see how these overall results might change if a variable were altered, like controlling a certain expense or adding modest revenues.
Key features of Qvinci™ include:
Early Warning Indicators - alerts if you are on target to miss a goal or to exceed a certain limit. Proforma - predicts future performance based on current and past trends. "What-If"- allows for viewing possible results if one variable of the business changes, ex. Increased revenue or decreased expense, based on previous performance. Drill-down: shows all the underlying information, pulled from QuickBooks®, for any certain data point on a graph.

With Qvinci™, business insight is immediate. And in the present economic state nothing is more important than understanding the operational aspects and financial health of your business. Qvinci™ makes this easy.

Please see http://www. qvinci. com, for additional product information, company history, and demo videos.